Born from the desire to reimagine what it means to be a modern jewellery brand, KKLUE is a new approach to everyday luxury with a distinct point of view.

Brand Story


A variation of clue

Committed to connection, inspiration, self-expression and growth, KKLUE is more than a jewellery brand. KKLUE is a community.


Empowering her vision & voice

KKLUE is guided by the philosophy ‘Empowering Her Vision & Voice’, and encourages women to express themselves, celebrate their individuality, follow their curiosity and showcase their sparkle.

Our Promise

Handcrafted jewellery

Offering delicate, personalised jewellery that makes a contemporary statement, KKLUE collections are uplifting and bring an incandescent shine to the everyday woman.


About Kellyn

Designer Kellyn Zhou discovered her love of jewellery at a powerful crossroads in her life. Her original career trajectory took her to the corporate investment world, where she dreamed about doing something that would truly light up her soul. A chance visit to an eye-opening jewellery exhibition revealed a new path, spurring her studies in jewellery design and gemologyat the Gemological Institute of America.
Kellyn founded a bespoke jewellery design studio in 2016, where she collaborated one-on-one with women to create unique pieces that reflected their personal style. Continuing to learn and to perfect her designs, in 2017 she launched KKLUE, a line of fine jewellery inspired by her journey and the journeys of all independent women. Grounded in celebrating women, their power and their drive, her designs and teams are women-centric and support a growing, inspiring and vibrant community.