Kellyn's own life journey served as the inspiration behind KKLUE. Before she developed her passion for jewelry, she was in real estate development. And yet she always knew that this was not the path her life was meant to take. Conflicted, she yearned to start her own business, one about which she could be passionate, one that truly inspired her.


She had always had difficulty finding finely crafted, elegant jewelry that made a woman look beautiful and professional, and that also had an accessible price point. This prompted her to study jewelry design and gemology at GIA; as a result KKLUE Jewelry was born. Meant to help today’s professional woman build a jewelry wardrobe composed of versatile pieces that reflect their personal style and their attitude toward life, KKLUE was an idea whose time had come.


As KKLUE grows, its ethos remains the same: create fine jewelry at a more affordable price, jewelry that can be worn for years to come. Inspired by the people for KKLUE designs, each piece reflects the heart and soul of today’s self-confident woman.


KKLUE Pakaging