Kellyn's own life journey served as the inspiration behind KKLUE. After graduating from university, she entered into the investment world as a typical executive woman, independent, strong and confident. And yet there was something missing… She knew that an essential piece of her, that which reflected who she was and how she felt, was her jewelry, but finding those finely handcrafted pieces that made her feel this way and yet that had an accessible price point had always been difficult.

This inspired her to create a jewelry brand to fill this gap. She studied jewelry design and gemology at the Gemological Institution of America and afterwards she launched KKLUE in 2016, a line of jewelry meant to help today’s women build a jewelry wardrobe composed of versatile pieces that reflect their personal style and their attitude toward life, and yet without paying exorbitant markups.


“The world needs that special gift that only you have”

With the great success of our collections since our launch, KKLUE decided to add yet another dimension to the brand. We wanted to merge our dreams with those of talented, up and coming designers.

Beginning in 2017, KKLUE vows to curate and collaborate with a diverse array of emerging artists around the globe – those who have the eye and the passion for jewelry – in order to be able to offer more diversified collections that meet our brand philosophy and our customers’ style.


“Your affordable designer fine jewelry” When it comes to the world of finely handcrafted jewelry, ours is a philosophy centered on three basic principles: originality, quality and transparency.


At KKLUE, every piece of jewelry has its own story. Every designer with whom we work, brings their own unique creativity and passion to their pieces. KKLUE is where artistic originality meets truly exquisite jewelry for today’s women.


It’s about using 18K solid gold, quality diamonds and gemstones, and also paying close attention to our workmanship, from molding and polishing to stone setting. In the end, we create pieces that are not just up to your expectations, but are outstanding enough to let you shine.


A culture of transparency begins with our people; we always promote trust not just within KKULE itself, but also between our business counterparts and customers. KKLUE is all about being real – we are here to offer fine jewelry at realistic prices while still producing some of the most original, highest quality designer pieces you have ever seen.