A crossover collection designed by KKLUE and the Hong Kong fashion brand Chailie Ho, Perspective perfectly embodies the philosophy of the modern-day woman: being inclusive in the sense that she has the courage to embrace different forms of beauty, as she truly appreciates this world from an array of diverse perspectives. Every piece of jewellery in this collection represents the finely balanced, exquisite art of dislocation. From whichever angle you look at it, you will be struck by a new expression of what beautiful can be.

The new Perspective collection exemplifies that one-of-a-kind marriage between two visionary creators: KKLUE and Chailie Ho. Both strive for simple elegance and that unexpected nexus where delicate style meets incredible strength. This collection emphasizes the potential inherent within every woman, highlighting feminine power through an exquisitely soft design. Created with the finest 18K gold and high-quality diamonds, the pieces are fluid, classical, with that hint of mysterious as conveyed through romantic twists and curves.


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